Feb. 23, 2023

Validate And Optimize Paid Media Investments Through Incrementality Experiments With Trevor Testwuide Of Measured

Validate And Optimize Paid Media Investments Through Incrementality Experiments With Trevor Testwuide Of Measured

Thriving with Shopify: MEASURED

In today’s Shopify Ecommerce Podcast, my guest is Trevor Testwuide the Co-founder and CEO of Measured.

Measured is the leader in incrementality intelligence for media optimization. They have a proven measurement methodology that incorporates results from years of continuous testing across all channels and tactics, combined with each brand’s own performance data, to reveal the true incremental contribution of advertising spend to business results.

Unlike other measurement providers that rely on user-level tracking and data that is no longer reliable, Measured is not impacted by changes to data-privacy policies and regulations.

Since 2017, leading consumer brands around the world have trusted Measured to validate, optimize, and plan ongoing media investments through incrementality-based reporting, attribution, scenario planning, and benchmarking capabilities.

Building a successful Shopify business requires not only hard work and dedication, but also access to the right information. It's my hope today's podcast is impactful in assisting you in your Shopify store.

Take advantage of the information and resources presented in today's ecommerce podcast. You'll learn how to GROW REVENUE and MAXIMIZE PROFIT for your Shopify store.

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Your feedback is always welcome!

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