July 22, 2020

100: Shopify Is Building The World's First Retail Operating System To Arm Resilient Entrepreneurs

100: Shopify Is Building The World's First Retail Operating System To Arm Resilient Entrepreneurs

Thriving with Shopify: Harley Finkelstein

Today is an exciting day… A milestone… A time to reflect… A time to celebrate…

Today is the 100th episode of eCommerce Fastlane!!

It’s been an incredible 2-year journey of growth. Personally, professionally, and most importantly the impact the show has had with knowledge sharing from subject matter experts in commerce including our Agency Partners, Marketing Platform partners, and App Partners in the Shopify ecosystem.

Joining me on the podcast, I could think of no other person who I’d like to chat with...

My guest today is Harley Finkelstein, the Chief Operating Officer of Shopify. The company that has given me and many others the opportunity to develop their life’s work, by helping independent businesses and entrepreneurs navigate and thrive online and in-store.

What You Will Learn Today

  • How the global pandemic and stay-at-home orders over the past 3-months has affected consumer spending.
  • Why Shopify retailers should be diligent to meet the ever-evolving customer experience requirements in order to win and remain relevant.
  • How retail and commerce are changing and what Shopify brands can do today to remain relevant and competitive.
  • Why building a community around your brand will allow you to know your customers or potential customers better.

Links And Resources Mentioned In This Episode

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