Nov. 24, 2020

117: Delight Your Customers And Futureproof Your Brand With Personalized Customer Experiences At Scale

117: Delight Your Customers And Futureproof Your Brand With Personalized Customer Experiences At Scale

Thriving with Shopify: HEYDAY

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Your Business Is A Journey. Invest In Yourself Today.

Being an entrepreneur is a life of learning, implementing, and iterating. All it would take is a new idea, a strategy, a Shopify app, or a marketing platform to be the next thing you need to improve efficiencies, drive more revenue, and build lifetime customer loyalty for your Shopify brand.

Meet shoppers on the channel of their choice, and unify every conversation across your Shopify store, email, Facebook Messenger, Google’s Business Messages, WhatsApp, and more. You can track conversations, resolve issues, and measure customer satisfaction all in one spot.

My guest in today’s episode is Etienne Mérineau the Co-Founder and CMO from Heyday.

They are an end-to-end conversational commerce solution that helps Shopify merchants scale their sales and support team with AI automation.

Also, exciting times for the Heyday team, they partnered with Shopify Ping to roll out some of their enterprise-grade AI chatbot features to Shopify merchants.

What You Will Learn Today

  • What is an AI Chatbot and how can it help my Shopify brand.
  • How to boost sales and customer satisfaction through personalized 1:1 conversations.
  • Turn conversations into sales opportunities by capturing unique customer preferences like price, color, size, and material.
  • How to automate answers to repetitive questions to free your time to focus on what matters.
  • Understand your customer's purchase path and get the pulse on your overall performance.
  • How helping is the new selling.

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