Feb. 28, 2021

137: How Customer Experience Is The “New Marketing” For Your Shopify Brand

137: How Customer Experience Is The “New Marketing” For Your Shopify Brand

Thriving with Shopify: CHATDESK

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Your Business Is A Journey. Invest In Yourself Today.

Being an entrepreneur is a life of learning, implementing, and iterating. All it would take is a new idea, a strategy, a Shopify app, or a marketing platform to be the next thing you need to improve efficiencies, drive more revenue, and build lifetime customer loyalty for your Shopify brand.

My guest in today’s episode is Andrew Olaleye, Co-Founder of Chatdesk. Notable Shopify brands such Andie Swim, Mented Cosmetics, Everbrand, and Scotch Porter, use Chatdesk’s cloud platform to provide on-demand customer support and assist in driving sales during after-hours and peak periods.

This is a great conversation with tons of learnings about how and why you should implement a live chat solution to build amazing customer experiences.

What You Will Learn Today

  • The fastest way to increase sales and scale your customer support.
  • Why customers expect brands to provide a personalized experience similar to shopping at a store.
  • Benefits of providing 24/7 support to pre-sale questions across Facebook and Instagram.
  • How to leverage the power of your customers and top promoters to grow revenue and lifetime customer loyalty.

Links And Resources Mentioned

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