Aug. 7, 2018

14: Learn How To Build Shopper Trust To Improve Your Conversion Rate

14: Learn How To Build Shopper Trust To Improve Your Conversion Rate

Thriving with Shopify: OKENDO

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Welcome to Episode 14. On today’s episode, I sat down and had a chat with Matt Goodman the co-founder of Okendo. A platform you may not have heard of yet but they have developed a compelling solution that adds the “like” and “trust” factor to your Shopify product pages in the form of ratings and reviews that builds excitement and creates a compelling reason for the site visitor to click the BUY button. Along with a host of other features including user-generated photos and videos, highlights of your products unique selling points and key value drivers. An extremely powerful multi-channel marketing section to extend the value of your customer-generated content. Inline SEO, rich snippets (which shows review metadata next to your product page links), Google shopping (pushing review data to your shopping feeds to increase conversion), Facebook, dynamic and lookalike audiences ad serving and much more. Regardless if you are using a competitive solution to generate reviews you owe it yourself to see what you are missing. Innovation is happening now!

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