May 28, 2019

45: Shopify Plus Agency Partner Shares Their Organic And Paid Traffic Tactics For 2019

45: Shopify Plus Agency Partner Shares Their Organic And Paid Traffic Tactics For 2019

Thriving with Shopify: Visiture

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On today's episode, I’m chatting with Ron Dod, Co-founder, and CMO of Visiture. They are a Shopify Plus Agency Partner that is focused on helping eCommerce companies grow their brand online and increase the bottom line.

Through an omnichannel marketing approach, they incorporate web design, development, conversion rate optimization, Google shopping campaigns, SEO, content marketing, social ads and more….

They help Shopify brand to gain more market share, loyalty, and growth.

Lot’s of gold nuggets shared in this episode that you can apply to your Shopify business today!

What You Will Learn Today…

  • What is search engine marketing?
  • Is voice search a tactic you should consider for your Shopify store?
  • Pitfalls that Shopify merchants make when it comes to SEO
  • How does PPC work and where should a Shopify merchant start advertising with Google?
  • The future of PPC and paid acquisition strategies
  • Tools and Shopify Apps that can give you a strategic advantage
  • Should you hire an agency or marketing company right away?

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