Nov. 8, 2019

68: Increase Retention Rates, Customer Loyalty, And Brand Advocacy Through Packaging And Unboxing Experience

68: Increase Retention Rates, Customer Loyalty, And Brand Advocacy Through Packaging And Unboxing Experience

Thriving with Shopify: Arka

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My guest on today’s episode is Phil Akhzar the founder from Arka, a company on a mission to help Shopify brands delight their customers with custom printed boxes which creates a memorable unboxing brand experience.

If you ship a physical product, chances are you’re not slapping a label on it and tossing it in the mail. It’s going to go in some sort of package. With Arka, you’re able to select and design packaging with just a few clicks and with as few as ten boxes, you can get fully branded to reflect your company’s design. 

Let’s jump in a learn more about how you can surprise and delight your customers...

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