Jan. 17, 2022

Expand Sales By Exposing Your Shopify Brand To A Global Retail Ecosystem

Expand Sales By Exposing Your Shopify Brand To A Global Retail Ecosystem

Thriving with Shopify: CYMBIO

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In today’s episode, my guest is Roy Avidor the CEO and Co-founder of Cymbio. They help Shopify brands to easily increase and accelerate their digital sales channels through marketplace and dropship automation.

Imagine getting access to over 600 retailers and scaling your brand? This is all possible today with the Cymbio platform.


The advantages of multi-channel retailing.

The ease to grow digital sales channels.

The process to grow sales and expose your brand to a global retail ecosystem.

How to automate marketplace and dropship operations from beginning to end.



Cymbio Blog

Blog Post: Shopify Brands and the Ease to Grow Digital Sales

The Ultimate Guide To Drop Ship & Marketplace Automation


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