Sept. 6, 2021

Inventory Working Capital Is Now Available To Fuel Your 2021 Holiday Growth

Inventory Working Capital Is Now Available To Fuel Your 2021 Holiday Growth

Thriving with Shopify: KICKFURTHER

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In today’s episode, my guest is Sean De Clercq the CEO and Co-Founder of Kickfurther. They are an inventory funding platform that helps growing Shopify brands to scale faster. They do this by funding the inventory that brands need to meet demand and overcoming the cash-flow pinch that newer inventory orders can cause a business. By funding enough inventory to meet demand it allows for cash on hand to scale marketing, development and growth. I’m excited to learn and share more about this creative funding opportunity for Shopify brands.

What You Will Learn Today

  • Who is Kickfurther and how are they serving Shopify brands with their inventory needs.
  • How to fund inventory to meet demand by eliminating stockouts.
  • How Kickfurther is intentionally a different funding option for DTC Shopify brands.

Links And Resources Mentioned

  • Kickfurther
  • Kickfurther Pro Subscription - 50% off for the first 20 merchants - Thanks Sean!
  • Axis Gear

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