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Jan. 17, 2022

Recruit, Manage And Grow Revenue With Groups Of People Who Love Your Brand

Recruit, Manage And Grow Revenue With Groups Of People Who Love Your Brand

Thriving with Shopify: DOVETALE

In today’s episode, my guest is Mike Schmidt, the Co-Founder of Dovetale. They are an influencer marketing app for Shopify merchants. They help brands to build community, recruit influencers, track sales through affiliate codes/links, send gifts and automate payments to these creators.

It's a timely conversation with tons of learnings around the benefits and tactics to implement a successful influencer campaign.

Listen through to the end of today’s show to get access to an exclusive extended listener-only trial.


The building blocks you need for a successful influencer program.

Why partner recruitment through community engagement is a winning combination for Shopify brands.

How to not fall into the trap of getting as many people as possible to be your influencers.

Get organized with tools to collect applications and automate repetitive tasks for your influencer and affiliate programs.



Dovetale 90-Day Free Trial

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