Feb. 12, 2023

Shopify Stores Can Now Say Goodbye To Affiliate Links And Discount Codes With Anders Bill and Andy Cloyd Of Superfiliate

Shopify Stores Can Now Say Goodbye To Affiliate Links And Discount Codes With Anders Bill and Andy Cloyd Of Superfiliate

Thriving with Shopify: SUPERFILIATE

In today’s Shopify Ecommerce Podcast, my guests are Anders Bill and Andy Cloyd of Superfiliate.

Superfiliate is a platform that automates the creation of personalized storefronts for a Shopify brand's best customers and creators to get the most out of their word of mouth programs.

These personalized storefronts give Superfiliates access to a brand's best media content, while also allowing them to customize their storefronts with their own user-generated content, reviews and favorite products.

Most referral and influencer programs drive shoppers to a homepage or product page that totally cuts the customer or creator out of the commerce experience. With Superfiliate, merchants can automate the creation of thousands of personalized storefronts and drive a higher activation and conversion rate. Shopify merchants can leverage Superfiliate to run all their word of mouth programs in one place across referral/loyalty, ambassador, affiliate and influencer. 

Building a successful Shopify business requires not only hard work and dedication, but also access to the right information.

Take advantage of the information and resources presented in today's ecommerce podcast. You'll learn how to GROW REVENUE and MAXIMIZE PROFIT for your Shopify store.

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Your feedback is always welcome!

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