Jan. 3, 2022

The World’s Fastest-Growing Shopify Brands Acquire The Most New Customers Through Referrals

The World’s Fastest-Growing Shopify Brands Acquire The Most New Customers Through Referrals

Thriving with Shopify: FRIENDBUY

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In today’s episode, my guest is Manish Goyal the Founder and CEO of Friendbuy. They are a Referral Marketing Platform that helps Shopify ecommerce merchants to accelerate customer acquisition through referral programs. Referrals are an incredible channel for dynamic business growth. It lowers your customer acquisition costs and increases your customer lifetime value.

Let's learn more about expanding your reach and transforming your customers into loyal and engaged brand advocates.


Why high growth Shopify brands are leveraging word-of-mouth through scaleable technology.

How a well-executed referral program can generate from 5% to 20% of total orders.

The benefits of stackable account credits as a referral reward.

How Friendbuy integrates with your existing tech stack like Klaviyo, Okendo, Attentive, and more.



Friendbuy Demo + Free Month Offer - Thanks Manish!

The Essential Guide To Referral Marketing

Referral Marketing Blueprint For Ecommerce

FIGS Scrubs



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