Aug. 2, 2022

Why The Fastest Growing DTC Brands Leverage Quizzes With Gen Furukawa Of Prehook

Why The Fastest Growing DTC Brands Leverage Quizzes With Gen Furukawa Of Prehook

Thriving with Shopify: PREHOOK

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In today’s Shopify ecommerce podcast, my guest is Gen Furukawa the Co-Founder of Prehook. (at They are a growing quiz platform for Shopify merchants. Prehook helps hundreds of high growth Shopify merchants sell more, accelerate list growth, and capture zero party data with quizzes.

Gen also hosts the eCommerce marketing podcast, Cart Overflow, where he shares what the best brand operators, agencies, and tech platforms are doing to grow their ecommerce revenues.  

Gen has been in ecommerce for 10+ years, with the last 7 years in eCommerce SaaS. Prior to Prehook, Gen was part of the founding team and lead Marketing at Jungle Scout, the leading software for Amazon sellers.

Profitably GROW and SCALE your Shopify store with the resources mentioned in today's ecommerce podcast episode.

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